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Dry eye syndrome happens because of the underproduction or lubrication within tears, which causes chronic itchy eyes and requires special treatment.

Eye allergies can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as redness or itchiness, and may require eye drops or daily wear contact lenses.

Conjunctivitis or pink eye happens because of allergies, bacteria, or viruses and causes itchiness, redness, or discharge, which requires treatment.

A chalazion, also called a stye, is an infected bump on your upper or lower lid that causes discomfort and may require antibiotics to get rid of it.

Often confused for dry eye syndrome, blepharitis or lid disease can create uncomfortable symptoms, like inflammation, itching, redness, and drainage.

During a foreign body removal, we flush or take out any object, such as wood, metal, glass, sand, or makeup, before it scratches or damages the eye.

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