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The Most Common Vision Issues Caused By Aging

Our Team | 01/08/2022

Some ocular conditions are more likely to occur with age, including cataracts, presbyopia, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and dry eye disease.


How Can I Prevent Getting Dry Eyes?

Our Team | 12/04/2021

You can help control and relieve dry eye syndrome through medication, lifestyle changes, and various ophthalmological procedures.


What Tests are Involved in an Eye Exam?

Our Team | 11/04/2021

Many different tests are involved in eye exams, which are designed to tell our team about your eye health and eyesight.


Why Annual Vision Tests are Beneficial to Your Eye Health

Our Team | 10/07/2021

There are many reasons that an annual exam is beneficial to your overall eye health in Lake Worth or Delray Beach, FL.


Three Common Side Effects of Cataract Surgery

Our Team | 09/16/2021

A closer look at what side effects and symptoms are normal to experience after cataract surgery and how long they may last.


Has Your Child Had Their Back To School Eye Exam?

Our Team | 08/19/2021

Routine eye exams are vital to your child’s ocular health by preventing future problems through early detection.


Causes of Dry Eyes and How It's Treated

Our Team | 07/10/2021

Discover what causes dry eyes and how you can get relief from signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome.


Tips to Protect Your Eyes in the Summer

Our Team | 06/10/2021

Helpful tips from Palm Beach Eye Center about how to protect your eyes when heading outdoors, not just in the summertime but all year round.


Can Cataracts Be Reversed If Detected Early?

Our Team | 05/13/2021

Cataract symptoms like cloudy or blurry vision can prevent you from living a full life. Learn how we reverse cataracts through surgery in Palm Beach.


Five Reasons Not to Skip Your Annual Eye Exam

Our Team | 04/21/2021

Want to improve your eye health? Eye examinations can detect issues before they become big problems. Learn what happens at an eye exam at our clinic.


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