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Welcome to the Palm Beach Eye Center blog, where our ophthalmology team is excited to share the latest in vision and eye health with patients throughout Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Lakeland, and The Villages, FL. Whether you are seeking details about cataract surgery, dry eyes, general eye health, or other topics, you can find information relevant to your vision needs. Please browse the posts below to explore how advanced eye care can help improve your quality of life.

Can I Get a Prescription for Glasses or Contacts During an Eye Exam?

Our Team | 05/31/2024

During your eye exam, get your eyeglass prescription, contacts prescription, and designer glasses at ourPalm Beach County eye centers.


What Are the Best Practices for Maintaining Good Eye Health?

Our Team | 04/04/2024

There are a few simple ways to help maintain your eye health, including proper lighting, using sunglasses, reducing screen time, and more.


Can Cataracts Develop at a Young Age?

Our Team | 03/11/2024

Cataracts are often seen as an age-related issue; however, it is possible to see cataracts in children. These are referred to as childhood cataracts.


Are There Seasonal Factors That Worsen Dry Eyes?

Our Team | 02/25/2024

Weather can have a dramatic impact on eyes and can lead to dry eyes, particularly during the winter and summer months. Read on to learn more.


What Signs Indicate the Need for an Eye Exam?

Our Team | 01/14/2024

If you're experiencing any signs of vision issues, it's important to schedule an eye exam at Palm Beach Eye Center to ensure optimal eye health.


What Are the Early Warning Signs of Potential Eye Problems?

Our Team | 12/08/2023

Explore the vital role of early detection in eye health, highlighting Palm Beach Eye Center's commitment to providing comprehensive eye care.


Can Cataract Surgery be Performed on Both Eyes at the Same Time?

Our Team | 11/18/2023

The team at Palm Beach Eye Center is committed to ensuring your cataract procedure is performed safely and effectively for optimal results.


What Can Happen if Dry Eye Syndrome Is Left Untreated?

Our Team | 10/09/2023

Don't ignore the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Get prompt treatment at Palm Beach Eye Center to help preserve your vision and overall eye health.


How Often Should Adults Get Their Vision Tested?

Our Team | 09/23/2023

Regular eye exams with our team at Palm Beach Eye Center can play a crucial role in the health of your vision and overall wellness.


What Effect Does Aging Have on Eye Health?

Our Team | 08/19/2023

Palm Beach Eye Center offers eye health services, helping individuals understand the effects of aging on eye health and providing personalized care.


What Signs Indicate the Need for Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 07/30/2023

Palm Beach Eye Center offers expert guidance and comprehensive services for identifying signs of cataracts and performing cataract surgery.


How Can Dry Eye Syndrome Affect Vision?

Our Team | 06/09/2023

Wondering how your dry eyes may impact your vision and what you can do about it? Find the answers here.


How Can Premium IOLs Improve Eyesight?

Our Team | 05/09/2023

Consider the benefits of premium vs. standard lenses when choosing your IOLs for cataract surgery or refractive exchange surgery.


How Often Are Vision Tests Needed to Protect Eye Health?

Our Team | 04/20/2023

Don’t skip your regular eye exam. Learn how often you may need to visit your ophthalmologist — and why eye exams are so important.


Will I Still Need Glasses After Refractive Surgery?

Our Team | 03/11/2023

The results differ by patient and refractive disorder, but some individuals may still need to use glasses after their refractive surgery.


What Should Patients Avoid After Laser Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 02/09/2023

Patients should avoid overtaxing or exposing their eyes to various stressors following their laser cataract surgery.


Why do Dry Eyes Feel Worse in the Winter?

Our Team | 01/09/2023

Dry eyes feel worse in the winter due to reduced moisture in the air both outside and inside.


Meet The Doctor Helping Patients Restore Their Youthful Appearance

Our Team | 12/12/2022

Dr. Myers has helped countless people through BOTOX®, dermal fillers, and laser skin resurfacing. Learn about his years of experience and skill here.


How Can I Tell if Eye Fluid is Becoming a Problem?

Our Team | 11/14/2022

Increased eye fluid causes excess pressure, potentially leading to headaches, eye pain, blurry vision, and other symptoms.


Fall is Here, and that Means an Increase in Eye Allergies

Our Team | 10/09/2022

Fall is here, along with a rise in eye allergies. Fortunately, we're here to offer you personalized treatment plans in Palm Beach County.


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