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What is A Foreign Body IN the EYE?

Anything in your eye that doesn’t belong is considered a foreign body, including sand, makeup accumulation, sawdust, or small bits of glass. Foreign bodies usually get lodged under the eyelid or hover over the surface of your eye. Generally, patients can remove the object by flushing the eye with cool water. However, you may have a foreign body that causes injury and requires a professional to use foreign body removal eye instruments. If not withdrawn, foreign bodies can cause a scratch on the cornea, cause a lesion, or create an infection. For patients who suspect they have a foreign body in their eye, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment to avoid any severe damage or complications. Our ophthalmologists at Palm Beach Eye Center in Lake Worth, FL, and Delray Beach, FL, can provide the help you need.

What Are the Benefits of Foreign Body Removal?

Foreign body removal offers several benefits for individuals experiencing discomfort or pain from objects lodged in the eye. Advantages of foreign body removal include:

  • Relief from pain, redness, and irritation
  • Restoration of clear vision
  • Prevents further damage to the cornea
  • Swift and precise removal

Who Is A Candidate for Foreign Body Removal?

If you suspect a foreign object, such as sand, makeup, sawdust, or glass, has entered your eye and caused discomfort or visual disturbance, you might be a candidate for professional foreign body removal. This procedure is essential for individuals who cannot remove the object through simple flushing with water and experience symptoms like pain, redness, or a scratch on the cornea. Our ophthalmologists at Palm Beach Eye Center are equipped with specialized instruments to remove foreign bodies safely and efficiently, preventing further damage or infection.

How do we treat foreign body removal?

If you have a foreign body in your eye, you may feel pain, photophobia or light sensitivity, redness, itchiness, or fuzzy vision. During an appointment, we will start by reviewing the eye that is causing pain. Our ophthalmologists examine the sides of your eye with specialized light while you look in various directions. For a closer look, your eye doctor may use a cotton swab to upturn your eyelid. Additionally, to detect if you have a corneal scratch after assessing your eye(s), you may need a fluorescein dye test. This type of exam allows the non-permanent blue dye to float across the eye and collect near the injury. Once we have reviewed your eye, our ophthalmologists can try to flush out the object with water or use needles or tiny instruments. If we need to try a more invasive option, patients will receive anesthetic drops before continuing with the foreign object removal. Your aftercare instructions depend on the object, type of damage, and whether you need antibiotics to avoid infection. Based on our assessment and your needs, we may prescribe antibiotics or special eye drops.

What To Expect After Foreign Body Removal

After foreign body removal at Palm Beach Eye Center, patients can expect a relatively straightforward recovery process. Initially, patients may experience some discomfort or mild irritation, which should subside within a few hours. It is important to follow any prescribed treatments, such as using antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection. Additionally, avoid rubbing the eyes and protect them from bright light or debris to ensure proper healing.

Foreign Body Removal FAQ

Does the removal of a foreign body from my eye hurt?
No. Our eye doctors at Palm Beach Eye Center will do everything possible to ensure that your object removal is painless. Anesthetic eye drops can be used to ensure that the area is completely numb before any removal is attempted.

How is the removal completed?
Removal is dependent on the type of foreign object within the eyes. After a thorough assessment, our eye doctors will determine if we can attempt to use eye drops to remove the foreign objects or if flushing the eye or small utensils will be a better option. 

How long will it take to remove?
Once the foreign object is identified, whether it is debris like sawdust or any other buildup under the eyelid, removal will happen fairly quickly. Our eye doctors will work quickly and precisely to ensure that everything is removed and that your eye stays safe and healthy throughout the process. 

Can a foreign object that is stuck in the eye come out on its own?
It is common for your eye to naturally flush debris and other particles out of the eyes with your tears. However, if you have irritation, redness, or excessive itching, don't hesitate to make an appointment with our team today so that we can discuss removal.

Avoid Eye Damage Caused by Foreign Bodies

Our primary mission is to provide the best quality eye care for your needs. If you had a work accident or product buildup from your cosmetics, we can assist with foreign body treatment and avoid further complications. No matter how much it hurts or itches, please remember not to scratch or rub your eye because this could scratch your cornea. Please schedule an appointment at Palm Beach Eye Center in Lake Worth, FL, or Delray Beach, FL, to avoid any damage to your ocular health. If you have an immediate issue and we are not open, please call 911 or have a friend or family member drive you to your nearest emergency room.

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