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Corneal Health in Lake Worth, FL

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About Corneal Health

The cornea is a transparent cover that goes over the front part of the eye. This important eye structure helps refract and bend light, enabling patients to see without any issues. Unfortunately, certain eye problems can impact the integrity of your cornea’s top layer, such as keratitis, corneal dystrophy, lesions, illnesses, ulcers, foreign body removal, and scar tissue. Each of these conditions may cause uncomfortable symptoms and impact your overall vision. At Palm Beach Eye Center in Lake Worth, FL and Delray Beach, FL, our cornea specialists can provide treatment and diagnosis for cornea issues.

How are corneal surgeries performed?

During a consultation, we'll take the first steps to determine your issue and provide eye care solutions based on your condition. To detect if you have a problem, our eye doctors may complete a diagnostic test using fluorescein dye to better understand the damage. Once we have an underlying cause, our team will create a personalized treatment plan, which outlines your procedure's cost and provides detail. At Palm Beach Eye Center, our group proudly offers several innovative treatments, including:

  • Lamellar keratectomy eliminates and cleans damaged parts of the top portion of your cornea. Our ophthalmologists utilize a specialized brush or fine tool to carefully eliminate abnormal cells from your cornea. Next, we carefully reshape and gently buff the surface for smoothness.
  • Corneal foreign body removal withdraws foreign objects from the eye, like sand, glass, or sawdust, which has become stuck in the corneal tissue. With the help of a sterile spud or other ophthalmic devices, our Lake Worth, FL eye doctors gently take out the foreign body and repair the corneal layer.

After a corneal scraping or foreign body removal, patients may need to wear a soft contact lens, which protects and provides comfort as the cornea heals. We will go over your aftercare instructions in detail.

Expert Corneal Care

For patients who experience corneal foreign body removal or corneal disease, we highly recommend working with a Lake Worth, FL ophthalmologist who specializes in this type of eye treatment. If you have questions about lamellar keratectomy or another corneal treatment, please schedule an appointment at Palm Beach Eye Center. Our eye center group can help you with insurance coverage or payment plans so you can receive the best quality care without having to worry about a budget.

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