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What is retinal pucker?

Located at the back of your retina is the macula, which contains a high amount of photoreceptor cells to help detect the presence of light. These receptive cells relay messages to the brain and help it understand images. The macula plays an important role in providing the central vision that we use during driving, reading, or reviewing things in detail. If something happens to it, like a retinal or macular pucker, you may experience blurry or fuzzy vision. As a common eye condition in patients older than 50, a macular pucker happens when scar tissue develops on the macula. The scar tissue occurs because our vitreous, the jelly-like fluid that maintains the eye's shape, starts to pull away from the retina and creates micro-injuries. Our board-certified ophthalmologists at Palm Beach Eye Center offer treatment for retinal pucker in Lake Worth, FL and Delray Beach, FL and can help improve your visual acuity.

What Causes A Retinal Pucker?

Retinal puckers are related to vitreous detachment, which most commonly occurs in individuals over the age of 50. In addition to age, there are other causes and risk factors that could put an individual at an increased risk of developing a macular pucker. Below is a list of eye conditions that could increase the risk of a retinal pucker:

  • Detached retina
  • Inflammation of the eye
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Trauma from an injury or eye surgery
  • Infection
  • Tears in the retina

What are the symptoms of retinal pucker?

During an eye exam, we can determine if you have a retinal pucker, also known as a macular pucker, and assess the severity of your condition, then develop a treatment plan. Several uncomfortable macular pucker symptoms may include: 

  • Fuzzy central vision
  • Warped wavy vision
  • A dull or blurry spot in central vision
  • Unclear vision that makes it difficult to read or drive


How Is A Retinal Pucker Diagnosed?

Retinal puckers are diagnosed through a comprehensive eye exam conducted by experienced ophthalmologists at Palm Beach Eye Center. Our specialists offer personalized treatment plans, which could involve scar tissue removal or another procedure. Post-treatment, follow-up care is provided to ensure an optimal healing process. If you're experiencing vision changes, contact us to explore retinal pucker treatment to restore your visual acuity.

What treatments are available for retinal pucker?

Treatment for a retinal pucker may require surgery that we complete in two parts. First, a vitrectomy is performed to withdraw the vitreous gel from your eye and replace it with a gas bubble. After this step, the scar tissue is removed, and the temporary gas bubble is placed inside to assist with healing and help maintain the eye’s structure. Your body will naturally absorb the bubble, or we remove it manually. Following your retinal pucker treatment, you will need to wear an eye patch for a few days or weeks to ensure your eye heals properly. Our Lake Worth, FL ophthalmologists can help outline your aftercare instructions to ensure you feel confident about the healing process.

Retinal Pucker FAQ

What causes retinal pucker?

Most of the time, retinal pucker may happen because of standard changes in the eye from aging. As the eye ages, the vitreous gel inside it begins to pull away from the retina, and sometimes this creates scar tissue on the macula, leading to retinal or macula pucker. Occasionally it may occur because of trauma, eye surgery, or other eye conditions.

What are the symptoms of retinal pucker?

If you are experiencing a macular or retinal pucker, your vision may appear wavy or distorted. If you notice any significant change in your vision, then it is important to see your eye doctor right away.

Can a retinal pucker heal on its own?

It is possible that your macula or retinal pucker may be mild enough to not require treatment. It is also possible for the scar tissue causing the pucker to separate from the retina and the pucker to then heal on its own. If your condition is interfering with your ability to perform daily tasks, then contact Palm Beach Eye Center for treatment for retinal pucker in Lake Worth, FL.

Visit our Eye Care Specialists

If you experience a retinal pucker, our Palm Beach Eye Center professionals can provide a personalized procedure strategy that treats the issue. Living with distorted and warped central vision can greatly impact your daily life. Please schedule an appointment to learn more about your options, receive information about insurance coverage, or discover payment plan resources. At Palm Beach Eye Center in Lake Worth, FL and Delray Beach, FL, our team of eye doctors looks forward to helping you see better!

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