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Macular Degeneration in Lake Worth, FL

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What is macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration is an eye condition that affects the middle part of your retina called the macula. Dry and wet macular degeneration can impact patients 50 years and older. Critically important to your central field of vision, the macula enables us to read, drive, identify faces, and look at photos. If this area becomes impaired, you can experience severe vision problems. As a progressive disease, our mission is to catch it as early as possible and reduce the chances of vision loss. Helping our Lake Worth, FL or Delray Beach, FL patients prevent macular degeneration, please call Palm Beach Eye Center and schedule an eye exam with one of our South Florida ophthalmologists.

Treatments for Macular Degeneration

While macular degeneration is not curable, we offer treatments that can slow the progression, reduce symptoms, and manage the issue. Based on the severity of your condition and type of macular degeneration, we may recommend several options, including supplements (AREDS formula), low-vision aids or magnifiers, and laser procedures. Each treatment is not the same, and often, many patients combine several therapies to decrease serious complications and prevent the deterioration of their eyesight.

Manage macular degeneration

At Palm Beach Eye Center, our ophthalmologists have helped many individuals who experience macular degeneration. We know it can feel confusing when trying to find the best way to manage your condition. Our team will provide the best treatment plan for your eye care needs. Serving the Lake Worth, FL or Delray Beach, FL area, please schedule an appointment with our South Florida eye doctors to learn more.

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