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Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses in Lake Worth, FL

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About Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

For those who have certain types of vision problems, such as myopia, hyperopia, or presbyopia, being able to get the condition diagnosed and treated simultaneously makes the process really convenient. The on-site optical clinic at Palm Beach Eye Center offers the most innovative vision technology and an optics lab. For added convenience, we can offer our patients prescriptions in an hour or less. Additionally, you can select from a wide variety of fashionable frames and traditional or specialty contact lenses. If you require contact lenses as soon as possible, we maintain an ample stock of the most common diameters and prescriptions so you can take them home on the same day. Our optical team located in Lake Worth, FL is here to ensure that you select the right frames or contacts for the proper fit and appearance.

Is it better to wear contacts or glasses?

Following a complete eye exam, we can discuss whether contacts or glasses work the best for your vision needs. Often, many patients find that contacts allow for ease and comfort when improving their vision. We provide several of the most well-known types of contact lenses, including daily wear, one-day wear, bifocal, and astigmatism. If you do not want to wear contacts, we also offer eyeglasses. While easier to maintain, you may prefer glasses because of certain preferences. However, patients tend to have both contacts and glasses for additional ease. During your exam and consultation, our team will discuss your lifestyle preferences, fit you for contacts and/or glasses, and provide any training needed for wearing your contacts.

Generally, you don’t need to attend a follow-up appointment for glasses unless you receive new frames or prescriptions. If you go with contact lenses, we recommend another appointment in 1 – 2 months to ensure they fit well and provide the best visual acuity. However, all patients should remember that follow-up evaluations never substitute for regular comprehensive eye exams. Eye exams should happen every two years. During your comprehensive exam, our South Florida ophthalmologists will evaluate the overall health of your eyes and determine if you need your prescription adjusted.

Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses FAQ

Is it better to wear contacts or glasses?

Both contact lenses and glasses have their pros and cons. One of the most common reasons for wearing contacts is that you don’t have to worry about glasses falling off your face, and they’re not as easy to damage. This is especially good for active people. Contacts also have less distortion, giving you more natural vision. With glasses, the obvious pros are you don’t have to put anything in your eye, worry about cleaning solutions, and don’t require as much care. A bonus is the style and fashion feature you can get with frames.

Are prescriptions for contacts and glasses the same?

No, they are not the same. While both have the goal to correct your vision, they are not interchangeable prescriptions. The main reason the two prescriptions differ is the distance of each from the eye. Contact lenses are placed on the eye, whereas glasses sit in front of your eyes. It may seem like a minor difference, but a contact lens prescription includes more info about the curvature and width of the lens.

Are contact lenses more expensive than glasses?

In general, contact lenses are more expensive than glasses, especially if you use disposables. The average yearly cost for non-disposable contact lenses is around $150 – 375. Disposables are a little more, about $170 – 400.

Can you wear glasses with contact lenses?

Yes, it is quite common to wear contacts with glasses since doing this can correct multiple vision issues. For example, your glasses may correct for reading, while contacts can correct farsightedness.

Dependable, Clear Vision

Clear vision is simply one appointment away. Refractive vision impairments, like myopia, hyperopia, and age-related vision loss, can cause many emotional ups and downs, but thankfully, you can easily manage these conditions with glasses or contacts. No one should have to strain for clear vision when going through their daily tasks. We would love for you to reach out to our South Florida eye practice and arrange an examination. Helping our Delray Beach, FL and Lake Worth, FL patients, the Palm Beach Eye Center team is happy to help you achieve your clearest eyesight.

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