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What are eyeglasses?

Glasses not only provide you with clear vision, but they can also become a part of your outfit that shows your style. In our optical clinic at Palm Beach Eye Center in Lake Worth, FL, we have everything you need to ensure your vision is well tended for. Whether you are nearsighted (myopia) or farsighted (hyperopia), we have the correct type of lenses for your need. We utilize the latest in vision technology and have a full optics lab on-site to make the entire process easier. It may be possible for you to have your eye exam completed in an hour or less. Our assistants work hard to ensure that you love your glasses and have a wide variety to choose from so that you feel confident each time you put them on. Inside our clinic, you can select from a wide variety of fashionable frames. Schedule an appointment for eyeglasses in Lake, Worth, FL, to help improve your eyesight today.

Who Can Get Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are often suitable for individuals experiencing refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. Candidates for eyeglasses include those who have difficulty seeing objects at a distance (nearsightedness), close up (farsightedness), or both (astigmatism). Additionally, individuals with certain eye conditions or visual impairments may benefit from specialized eyeglasses to improve their vision and quality of life. Our team will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you're a candidate for glasses. If so, we can go over the different types of eyeglasses we offer.

What Are the Benefits of Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are a trusted choice among patients seeking vision correction, mainly due to their host of benefits. Some of the advantages patients can glean from vision correction with eyeglasses include:

  • Protection from dust, dirt, and other irritants
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Requires minimal maintenance compared to contact lenses
  • Offers a large variety of fashionable frames
  • Enhanced visual acuity

What Can I Expect With Eyeglasses?

While in our eye clinic at Palm Beach Eye Center, we will discuss your lifestyle, including things like if you play sports or work in front of a computer all day. After the exam is complete, our staff will help you select what type of glasses would be a good fit for your current face shape and your daily wear. Generally, you don’t need to attend a follow-up appointment for prescription glasses unless you receive new frames or prescriptions. Patients throughout Lake Worth, FL, have enjoyed the wide variety of designer glasses and frames that are available. When you choose us as your ophthalmologist, we evaluate the overall health of your eyes to determine what will make your life easier.

Eyeglasses FAQ

Is it better to wear eyeglasses when compared to contacts?

The choice to wear eyeglasses or contacts depends on your ocular health and situation. Eyeglasses generally require less care, whereas contacts can be easier in day-to-day life. The option is completely up to you. There are some situations where it is possible that you could wear both contacts and eyeglasses. However, if you do not want to wear contacts, we offer eyeglasses that will fit your need. Eyeglasses also allow you to show your personality with the variety of frames available in different colors.

Are glasses a more expensive option?

In general, glasses are a cheaper option when compared to contacts. When you are being measured for your prescription, the measurement is completed based on where those glasses fit on your face. Contact lens fittings, for example, require more actual measurements of the eye. Talk to our doctors to learn more about the different pricing options available.

Do I have to wear my glasses all the time?

The answer will vary based on your specific prescription. While some patients are able to only wear their glasses when they are reading because of their nearsightedness (myopia), it is possible that others may have to wear their glasses on a more consistent basis. It is important to take your eye health into your own hands and schedule an appointment to make sure you are receiving the highest possible care for eyeglasses in Lake Worth, FL.

Will my glasses break?

It is possible for everyone that glasses will break. However, if you are careful about how you take care of them, they will last longer. Care includes putting them in the case when they aren't being worn and getting them adjusted when you feel they aren't sitting on your face as they usually do. Keeping them adjusted will help — so they don't slip off of your face and break.

Reliable, vivid sight

If you're looking for a place to go to get eyeglasses in Lake Worth, FL, to make sure your vision is clear, make an appointment in our clinic. You deserve the chance to easily manage conditions like vision loss, myopia, and more with glasses. They come in a variety of styles and sizes so that you can show off your personality with your designer eyeglasses. Don't fret, and reach out to our South Florida location to schedule an eye exam, every member of our team is waiting and happy to help you achieve clear vision.

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