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Serving the communities of Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Lakeland, and The Villages, FL, our well-known ophthalmology team specializes in providing personalized eye care for children and adults. At Palm Beach Eye Center, you will receive exceptional service, care, and attention. Our ophthalmologists provide complete eye care that includes routine eye exams, prescription glasses, contact lens fittings, glaucoma treatments, cataract surgery with premium intraocular lenses (IOLs), and more. When you visit any of our eye centers in Florida, you can expect an inviting environment, a wide range of vision services, and friendly staff. We encourage you to schedule an eye appointment for yourself and the whole family.

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Our board-certified ophthalmologists are highly trained to treat, diagnose, and manage all disorders of the eyes, from myopia and age-related vision loss to glaucoma, macular degeneration, and complex eye conditions. At Palm Beach Eye Center, we provide state-of-the-art diagnostics and vision treatments from our two convenient locations. While delivering the best possible service to you and your family, we also strive to help make your eye care even more affordable. Whether you need routine eye exams or require eye surgery, our Florida eye doctors offer a range of services and will work closely with you to design a treatment plan to fit your budget and vision needs. Please contact our offices in Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Lakeland, or The Villages, FL today to learn more about our skilled ophthalmologists.

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"With great patience and exceptional skill, Dr. Tolentino has been able to preserve my vision from the ravages of macular degeneration for fifteen years. When I was first diagnosed with this terrible disease I searched everywhere for a super specialist who could help me while I could still see. Dr. Tolentino had the unusual qualifications I needed to treat the impending loss of vision I feared My prognosis was dire and complex. Neverthelss, Dr. Tolentino began to treat what turned out to be years of ups and downs with retinal bleeding,, swelling, and slow deterioration. My condition proved to be resistant to therapy. Nevetheless, Dr. Tolentino administered in sequence all the latest drugs as they were discovered and made available. He was confident he could help me. I however anticipated and tried to accept the severe limitations of the impending dim vision I dreaded. I never missrd a scheduled treatment, but I feared at each visit, Dr. Tolentino would tell me he could help me no further. To my astonishment, today my vision is clear and I can drive without fear. I have also been able to continue my extensive reading and writing. Assuredly, there has been some loss of visual acutity, but from my point of view, Dr. Tolentino'st treatments have been a miracle. I don't know where I could have recevied the same level of care and kindness. George W. Cooke"



"Dr Walshein is the best! Out of all my doctors he is the only one who actually remembers me every time I go in and actually reads my medical records to stay updated on my ongoing medical issues. It’s. Busy office but he’s very thorough and competent doctor. I cannot say enough good things about him"



"The Staff and Doctor Pearlman were great I would highly recommend them."



"I am always treated with compassion when I go to Palm Beach Eye Center. I'm taken in at a reasonable time. The staff at Palm Beach Eye Center have always met my needs. I'm always impressed with the services that I've received. And, I think that Dr. Pearlman is a stand up guy, he definitely knows what he's doing. The Ophthalmologist & all of the staff at Palm Beach Eye Center we're fantastic as always. I was so very pleased and satisfied that I finally found an Eye Center that works for me & my individual needs. And, that is why I believe that this facility deserves a (Five Star Rating.)"



"In this place really care about your eyes, everyone is very nice, only the doctor has to be a little more friendly and smile"




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