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Serving the communities of Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Lakeland, and The Villages, FL, our well-known ophthalmology team specializes in providing personalized eye care for children and adults. At Palm Beach Eye Center, you will receive exceptional service, care, and attention. Our ophthalmologists provide complete eye care that includes routine eye exams, prescription glasses, contact lens fittings, glaucoma treatments, cataract surgery with premium intraocular lenses (IOLs), and more. When you visit any of our eye centers in Florida, you can expect an inviting environment, a wide range of vision services, and friendly staff. We encourage you to schedule an eye appointment for yourself and the whole family.

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Our board-certified ophthalmologists are highly trained to treat, diagnose, and manage all disorders of the eyes, from myopia and age-related vision loss to glaucoma, macular degeneration, and complex eye conditions. At Palm Beach Eye Center, we provide state-of-the-art diagnostics and vision treatments from our two convenient locations. While delivering the best possible service to you and your family, we also strive to help make your eye care even more affordable. Whether you need routine eye exams or require eye surgery, our Florida eye doctors offer a range of services and will work closely with you to design a treatment plan to fit your budget and vision needs. Please contact our offices in Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Lakeland, or The Villages, FL today to learn more about our skilled ophthalmologists.

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"If I had to comment on one negative, which is not really negative because you wait at any doctors offices, the wait time but the professionalism I get from the moment I walk in to the doctors room, to the moment I leave makes up for it. I have brought my uncle here several times and let me just tell you I never leave with any question unanswered. Doctors Wallshein is great and he’s assistant which I believe started with a D, was the most patient and educated person I came across from the moment she brought us into the room greeting us with a smile, very polite. I would recommend care here, not only you are a patient they make you feel like family"



"So I fell in love with each and every one of their professional and compassionate employees from reception to MD’s. They made the experience so pleasant that I wanted to clad black scrubs and join them in spreading the joy of helping people/clients/patients feel comfortable even though they’re in a medical setting. Dr Wallshein was so funny, he listened, didn’t rush you, asked questions, made suggestions, and the other employees (ALL OF THEM; so sorry I saw a few employees & don’t remember their names) made me realize the hospital unit that I just quit (Covid, med surg, onc, that encompassed many different types of patients from psyche, geriatrics, cancer, Some surgical, cancer, Covid, & many others, we can do better. If we are able to live a balanced work/life (not easy in that atmosphere) & we take the time to be pleasant to ourselves, & each other in a workplace, we can also share that positive healthy energy with the people who come in for our care. Thank you guys for showing me it can be done. I felt better leaving there than when I went in. I even smiled when I handed over my FSA spending credit card for an expensive procedure not covered by insurance because I didn’t want to lose the balance (LIPIFLOW: so far so good, been 1 week) Hugs & Love. ASW"



"Each time I see Dr Wallshein, I realize he's just on another level then everyone else. His thought process is exceptional and the way he explains things, and the way he thinks about care is exceptional. He explained to me exactly what my problem was based on the evidence that he had how he was going to treat me going forward and why he was doing it the way he was and the last line he said which made me cry was that "it's my job to make sure that you see well for the rest of your life and I take my job very seriously. It's your job just to show up and not to worry. I will do all the worrying for you and that's my job.""



"Totally satisfied with the eye Care and Professional service. I have been able to see again. My eyes are safe and functioning. Thanks again. God bless"



"The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Pearlman was thorough and explained the procedures and results clearly."




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