How Can I Prevent Getting Dry Eyes?

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An occasional bout of dry or itchy eyes is generally nothing to worry about – we’re all likely to experience it at some point. However, if these bouts persist for a long time, happen regularly, or negatively impact your life, it could be due to dry eye syndrome. This condition is not only exasperating – it can also adversely affect your overall ocular health.

So, if you feel you’re among the tens of millions of Americans suffering from this condition or have any concerns, please get in touch with our expert team at Palm Beach Eye Center. Or feel free to pay us an in-person visit in Lake Worth or Delray Beach, FL.

How dry eye syndrome develops

Dry eyes are uncomfortable and can get in the way of daily activities, making it harder for you to fully enjoy your life. But that’s not the only consequence – this condition can be potentially damaging to your eyes, causing inflammation, structural degradation, and an increased risk of infection. It may also manifest as a number of symptoms, not just dryness. These could include various unpleasurable sensations, such as stinging, burning, scratchiness, or the feeling of something stuck in your eye. Alternatively, you may experience persistent redness, increased sensitivity, or excessive watering as your body responds to the irritation caused by dryness.

Despite their simple appearance, tears are composed of multiple substances. And their production is a collaborative effort of different glands and structures, which team up to the three-layered tears from water, oil, and mucus. Together, these components lubricate, nourish, protect, and hydrate your eyes. But dry eye syndrome occurs if tear production is insufficient, if they evaporate too quickly, or if they lack one of the previously mentioned constituents.

You can take various steps to protect your eyes and regain your visual acuity

Even though this is a disorder related to faulty tear production, there are other influential external factors to consider. It may be due to hormonal changes, auto-immune ailments, or certain lifestyle factors. It could also be due to an underlying condition, so it’s vital for Palm Beach County residents to seek a professional opinion from our expert ophthalmological team at Palm Beach Eye Center. There are also precautions to take in your daily life that can help reduce your dry eye symptoms.

You can use a humidifier, avoid air blowing in your eyes, rest every so often to avoid staring at screens for prolonged periods, and avoid smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke. If you’re in a windy environment and spend lots of time outside, sunglasses or wraparound sunglasses may help keep the drying wind out of your eyes. Dietetic alterations could also yield beneficial results, so try to consume leafy veggies, omega-3 laden fishes, beans, seeds (especially chia and flax), and drink lots of water. There are also numerous eye drops and other clinically proven solutions and procedures that may help, and we’ll gladly help select the best option for you; all you have to do is reach out to us at Palm Beach Eye Center.

Get in touch with us for dry eye relief

Don’t let dry eye syndrome bring down your quality of life and get in the way of all the things you love doing; contact us at Palm Beach Eye Center today. Our expert ophthalmological team would love to help you find the relief you deserve and help you achieve optimal ocular health. We also welcome you to drop by our Palm Beach County locations in Lake Worth or Delray Beach, FL.

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