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Reviews for Contact Lenses Services Near Lake Worth, FL

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Review from L.S.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 19, 2019

I develop dryness in my eyes about 3 or 4 years ago. At that time I went to see a group of physicians in the Boynton Beach area and after that I went to see another group in Palm Beach Gardens. After that group I then went to see another set of physicians in the Boca Raton area. One of my friends recommended an eye doctor in the Delray Beach area and after seeing all four of them I realized that all of them are trained about the same and are pretty much very basic in their methodologies. Each of them prescribed artificial tears of different types and put plugs in my tear ducts. One gave me Restasis that burned. It was after that that I asked one of my friends who has dryness of her eyes who he uses and he says that she uses the doctors at Palm Beach Eye Center specifically Dr. Wallshein and that his physician recommended. I called my VIP internist and asked who she used and I got a different answer. It was something like here are 3 names, and in a softer voice "but all the doctors in the area use this last one on the list, Dr Wallshein." She said "so do I." So I was in his office and he starts listening to my case and after 5 mins of my experience, he just asked me to stop right there and basically requested that he be allowed to do some dry testing on the spot. It was done and it was determined that I have multiple problems leading to my condition and he said that artificial tears and plugs were never going to be an effective way to treat it. So I'm supposed to believe this one and not everyone else? My wife and I was shocked and so we left the office. I requested my medical records and ended up going to another physician in the Fort Lauderdale area who than recommended once again artificial tears, plugs and this time a steroid. After doing this for several months with no improvement, I decided to return to Palm Beach Eye Center to discuss my case further. The doctor asked where I had been for so long and I said that I decided to get another opinion. We both smiled. To be honest I thought the doctor was looking to get some extra money because there was a test that was not covered by insurance of $40. He said he wished everything was covered as well because it would certainly be a lot easier to treat patients in an effective way. Anyway after multiple years of all my problems, Dr Wallshein made a treatment plan and I followed it. It's been 2 months now that I saw the good doctor and I feel great. My eyes are perfect and I sleep great at night. I can use the computer all day long. I cannot tell you how this is changed my life and I cannot tell you how wrong people can be and short-sighted. Anyway I'm just very pleased with this doctor. My wife had cataract surgery and had an absolute beautiful outcome with 20/20 vision distance and near. My daughter now sees him and she's very happy with her new contact lenses. I highly recommend this practice to all my friends. They are truly ethical smart and are thinking outside the box when it comes to treating conditions that nobody else does and I mean this literally as I saw just about everyone else. More

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