Concierge Eye Care

We Have 3 Levels of Concierge Care

Competely Private Care

Some of our patient's want complete confidentiality such that no other patient will be present in the office at the time of your visit.  For this level of exclusivity we have a reasonable fee of $785 dollars for the initial visit and $525 for follow up visits.  In this level of care you will be seen when no other patient is in the office. We will provide you with a private entrance and you will be escorted throughout the office during your visit.  The highest level optometrist will do your eyeglass and motility examination,  and a top level technician will do the workup and eye pressures.  The medical and surgical director, or the physician of your choice will see you for a complete exam with zero waiting time.  Your first and annual exam will  including a full screening for glaucoma, including high resolutions scans of your optic nerve and corneal thickness.  A screening for Macular Degeneration will be performed with high resolution scanning and auto florescence imaging of the macula.  The cornea will be scanned for rare disorders including Keratoconus and Fuch's Dystrophy.  A full battery of Dry Eye Testing will be performed including Inflammatory (Auto-immune) tests, Infrared scanning of the Meibomian Glands, and tear production testing.  This exam will is completely painless.   An eyeglass exam will be performed with motility testing to determine if any eye misalignment is present which often causes eye strain.  The required time is about 1 hour and 20 minutes for the initial examination.  These examinations are completely painless and not even the President could get a more thorough examination. Insurance will be billed and deductibles will apply. Uncovered services will be included in the aforementioned fee's.  You will always be given a copy of your examinations and full plan will be written out for you.

Home Visits

The visits are available at anytime to those requesting appointments in the privacy of your own home.  While a bit limited on the completeness of the examination it will be thorough and any additional testing required can be done at one of our 4 offices.  The home examination is $550 dollars per visit.  You will be seen by a physician and optometrist.  A dilated examination will be performed, pressures taken and complete anterior and retina exam will be performed.  

Concierge Care (VIP Eye Care)

More and more our patient's are requesting care in our offices that has zero or close to zero waiting times along with some degree of exclusivity.   The annual fee is $450 regardless of how many visits you need.  We are one of only a few eye centers in the USA that offer concierge eye care.  Your examinations will be complete, and a team of highly skilled technicians will be personally assigned to your care along with two rooms that will remain free waiting for your arrival:

  • You will be seen without a wait time or minimal wait time and your physician will be available to see you immediately following the preliminary workup.  
  • You will receive a personal cell phone number of your physician for any medical request you may have like a refill or a problem while you're on vacation. 
  • You may have an appointment any weekday and there will always be a physician on staff that can see you any day you need if your primary ophthalmologist is not available.  
  • Telemedicine will be performed while you are away or after hours and an office appointment will be made for you after hours and weekends if telemedicine is unable to resolve the issue.

How do I Request Concierge Eye Care?

The most private way is to make a request through the request form below.  Just Scroll Down.

Concierge Care Request Form

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The Medical Director Will Contact You Personally By Email

We love our patient's, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

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