When is the right time to have cataract surgery?

  • Palm Beach Doctors for Cataract Surgery

Cataract is a fairly common eye disorder that affect almost half the population over age 60 but may also affect younger adults as well.  Our eyes operate very much like a camera lens adjusting to distance and light as we focus on objects.   As we age, or due to some type of trauma, the eye’s lens can develop an opaque film layer which is known as a cataract.

You’ve likely seen people or even pets where their eyes seem to have a cloudy surface covering the natural eye color.  These are cataracts.  If you notice the beginning of a cloudy surface in your own eyes or someone in your family, it’s best to have your eyes examined for early detection.

Because cataracts develop over time, a lot of patients ask when is it really necessary, or is it necessary, to have surgery to remove the cataracts.  The doctors at Palm Beach Eye Center are specialist in the latest technology to diagnose, treat and perform cataract surgery.  With the advanced procedures available through Palm Beach Eye Centers, there are very few reasons to delay cataract surgery. Waiting until the cataracts mature will only continue to obstruct your vision and your quality of life.  In many cases, delaying surgery won’t cause long-term damage but it ultimately will progress and you should discuss the best options with our doctors.  It should also be noted that in younger people, or people with diabetes, cataracts tend to progress more quickly, making the need for surgery more immediate.

Today’s procedures are simple, quick, and painless and completely restore vision in an overwhelming majority of cases.  Many patients return to normal activities after a few days and continued noticeable improvement in vision occurs over a few weeks.

If you or someone you love may be experience any type of vision problem, or have not had an eye exam recently, make an appointment to see one of our physicians and vision solution specialist at any of our three Palm Beach Eye Center location. You can also request an appointment online by clicking here.