What are the best contact lenses for my eyes?

  • choosing contact lenses that are right for you

For many people, contact lenses have always been an excellent alternative to glasses. Whether you want a fresh look or the freedom to be more active without worrying about your eyewear, contact lenses provide more options than ever, They will affect how you see and how other people see you.  Palm Beach Eye Center provides a wide range on contact lenses designed to suit your individual lifestyle and vision requirements.

To know what types of lenses are right for you, here’s a quick guide to help you understand your options:

Daily Disposable

Daily Disposable lenses are the healthiest and most convenient type of contact lens.  Since they are only meant to be worn for one day and then discarded, you’re putting a fresh, clean pair on every time you use them. This eliminates the need for solution, the daily cleansing ritual and reduces any chance for contamination.

These are best for long days and night wear and keeping your eyes healthy.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Extended wear (reusable) contact lenses are ideal if you’re looking for something more economical and some can also be slept in.  It’s still important to be cautious with overnight use, though, since it increases the risk of eye infections — even if the lenses have been approved for extended wear.  They are designed for both near sighted and far sightedness.  Unlike disposables, you clean them and store them in a contact lens case until you wear them again.  They should be replaced every two to three weeks with a new pair.

Astigmatic Lenses

Astigmatic lenses are specially designed for people with astigmatism which is a common condition that effects adults and children.  It is caused by the shape of your eye and results in blurry or distorted vision at all distances.  These types of contact lenses are custom designed by the ophthalmologists at Palm Beach Eye Center and are specially fitted to the shape of your eye.  These types of contact lenses come in disposable and extended wear.

Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses are designed for individuals who have difficulty focusing on objects far away but also have difficulty seeing object up close, especially reading.  Almost all adults require the need for reading glasses sometime around their late 40s to early 50s.  Multifocal lens are a great solution for older adults and others who have problems with near and far sightedness.


Soft Contact Lenses vs Hard Contact Lenses

Most contact lenses sold today are soft lenses becomes they conform to the shape of the eye and most people seem to find them more comfortable overall.

Individuals who have trouble adapting to soft lenses or are unsatisfied with the results may consider hard lenses which are more breathable than soft lenses and reduce the risk of eye infections. Hard lenses do have to be removed and cleaned nightly but a single pair may last you two to three years.


Schedule an appointment at Palm Beach Eye Center for an eye exam and evaluation to determine the contact lenses that are best suited for your comfort, vision and lifestyle.