What are High-Definition Lenses and how can they improve my Vision?

High-Definition Lenses, sometimes referred to as Free-Form Lenses, are the newest development in prescription eyeglass lenses. These lenses are capable of delivering the absolute best visual acuity available in corrective eye ware. HD lenses reduce many higher-order aberrations that commonly plague conventionally crafted lenses, such as the spherical aberration that causes glare and halos around lights at night. High-Definition glasses have even been shown to ease neck, shoulder, and back pain caused by the need to continuously shift the position of the head to account for conventional lenses narrower focal field. Additionally, this new technology can be applied to both progressive and single vision lenses.

All of these improvements are accomplished through the use of a computer guided tooling machine that places the working lens on the inside of the lens surface with a very high level of precision. In fact, lenses created with HD technology can be surfaced in power increments of 0.01 diopter (D) rather than the 0.125 to 0.25 D that conventional tooling produces. This allows the prescription to far more accurately represent the actual corrective strength needed and for the lens to be shaped in a way that accounts for the position of the eye in relation to the corrective surface.

The natural field of vision for a human approaches 180 degrees. Wearing conventionally tooled lenses greatly reduces that visual field because the lens can provide the proper corrective power over only a fairly small area. With High-Definition lenses peripheral vision is much sharper and wider with the area of corrective focus being increased by up to 30%. This reduces the need to move the whole head to, for example, check a side view or rear view mirror while diving.

The precision and highly personalized nature of high-definition lenses also reduce the star bursts, halos, and comet-shaped visual distortions that often occur around lights at night. These visual aberrations can make night driving a harrowing experience. Tasks that are typically comparatively simple, such as judging distance and speed, become far more difficult, and the eye strain that often results can lead to headaches and fatigue.

If you wear prescription eyeglasses you are a good candidate for high-definition glasses. Anyone can benefit from the improved quality and precision of high-definition lenses, though those with stronger prescriptions are likely to notice greater benefit than those with more moderate prescriptions. Indeed, even those who pose healthy eyes with 20/20 vision, but are troubled with glare or indistinct vision can benefit from high-definition lenses.

Ask one of our eye care professional at Palm Beach Eye Center if high-definition lenses might be able to provide you with sharper, clearer vision.