What Are Gas Permeable Lenses?

If you’ve had contacts for a while, you know that sometimes it takes a while to find a type of lens that fits comfortably in your eye. Most recently, eye doctors have turned to soft lenses for comfortability, especially for patients with eye allergies. There’s a different alternative, however, called gas permeable lenses or oxygen permeable lenses.

There are quite a few benefits to these gas permeable lenses, including:

  • The long-term costs are less than soft lenses;
  • They last longer;
  • New technology increases wearability;
  • The vision quality is better than with soft lenses;
  • They resist deposit build up.

These lenses are made from a rigid, gas-permeable plastic. Because hard lenses maintain their shape better than soft lenses when you blink, wearers often find that their vision stays clearer. Another benefit is their durability. Although they can break if stepped on, they don’t tear like soft lenses do. Furthermore, because of the material they are composed of, they are less likely to hold deposits like soft contact lenses. These lenses are also easy to care for. Lens wearers don’t have to worry about the lenses drying out, and they clean more easily as well.

Although these lenses could benefit any contact lens wearer, they can especially benefit those who suffer from astigmatism, presbyopia, or keratoconus. Unlike old versions of hard contacts, Gas Permeable Lenses allow for oxygen to come into the cornea. They also offer a thinner design and smoother edges than traditional hard lenses. These lenses are custom made for each wearer to provide the best fit.  The best fit helps to ensure the maximum chance of comfort.

If you have worn contact lenses in the past and have had a difficult time with comfort, ask your Palm Beach Eye Care Professional today if these might be an option for you.