Trendy Eyewear Forecast for 2014

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Whether you wear sunglasses to take better care of your eyes or just to keep up with the trend, sunglasses are the undisputed accessories for everyone. Wearing sunglasses is a simple yet classy way to polish one’s look and here are some of the major trends to look out for in the coming months:


The Instagram Look

Inspired by the social media craze is actually influenced by the 1970s. Rosy tinted lenses allow the wearer to have a filtered view of the world… as if looking at photos on Instagram! Sunglasses with golden-tinted lenses and throwback designs such as understated wooden frames and tortoise print will make a comeback!


The Mathematical Look

We used to make fun of the eyeglass-wearing smart kind back in grade school but this trend featuring angular cuts and neutral colors is all about looking geeky. Expect designs with arithmetical frame prints, sharp contours, black and white patterns and matte finishes to be on every fashionista’s must-have.

claires accessories turquoise mirrored sunglasses

The Aquatic Look

Drawing inspiration from the sea, this trend is all about blues, teals and turquoises. Frames which draw upon these watery hues with glass-texture bring the oceanic look home.


The Garden Look

Earthy greens and vibrant pinks which bring spring foliage to mind are guaranteed hits for the upcoming season. For a truly dazzling and exotic look experiment with butterfly-shaped silhouettes, floral embellishments or frames adorned with studs!

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