Top Eyewear Brands

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Sunglasses are not just for protecting the eyes anymore. Now, they’ve become trendy fashion accessories which can make or break an entire look hence the fashionable people always fuss about getting the right sunglasses to complete their outfit.  If you’re not exactly an eyewear connoisseur here are the top brands  that provide high quality and chic eyewear for both men and women!

Ray Ban

Founded in 1937 by Bausch and Lomb, Ray Ban has become one of the most popular brands for sunglasses despite its humble beginnings. Throughout the years, Ray Ban has kept on re-inventing itself providing not just eyewear for men and women but sunglasses for various budgets too.


Oakley is actually a company which specializes in sportswear and true to their brand, Oakley sunglasses are among the most durable in the world, perfect for people who engage in sports. They might be a expensive but because of their durability, they are worth it!


As an Italian fashion brand, Prada sunglasses are always elegant and stylish, becoming the favorite brand of countless celebrities. With a variety of styles and colors, Prada sunglasses aren’t just fashion pieces but actual status symbols.


Another Italian brand, Gucci sunglasses belong to the category of high-end sunglasses. With their trademark sleek and stylish appearance, Gucci sunglasses complement a wide range of clothes and catch people’s attention.


Formed in the 1980s, this brand of sunglasses is known for sophistication providing long-term unique and distinctive designs which will not easily go out of style. Those who want to really stand out from the crowd should definitely own a pair of D&G sunglasses.

These are just five of the best eyewear brands. Palm Beach Eye Center carries these brands and more. If you’re looking for trendy, branded, designer eyewear to help you stand out, visit the Palm Beach Eye Center nearest to you!