Tearing Disorders

There are several types of Tearing Disorders that people may encounter. Tears are produced by lacrimal gland which is located under the upper eyelids. Tears are an essential part of our life. In most cases tears drain from the eye through a complex system of channels that are from the inner corner of the eyelids into the nose. This system of channels is called the lacrimal drainage system.

What may cause Excessive Tearing

With any stress or unexpected emotional experience as well as allergies and other eye irritations. If there is blockage that is not resolved there may be a stagnation of tears that occur in the tear ducts and that could lead to a serious infection with discharge.

What may be the symptoms

There will teary eyes or “wet eyes” that will occur and that may happen in any setting and without notice or unexpected. If teary eyes or wet eyes continue and is not is resolved, stagnation of tears can lead to an infection with discharge.

The three main types of Tears

  • Basal tears
  • Reflex tears
  • Crying or Weeping Tears (Psychic tears)

Please contact your local Palm Beach Eye Center if you experience any of the above or have questions with Tearing Eyes.