Retinal Holes and Tears

Retinal Holes and Tears can occur when:

  • Shrinkage or contraction of the vitreous – the gel like material that may build up in your eye. This will create tugging on the retina and retinal tear therefore resulting in a retinal detachment.
  • Can be caused by an injury
  • From advanced Diabetes
  • From an inflammatory eye disorder

How Retinal Detachment Occurs

  • Retinal Detachment occurs when the gel like material leaks through a retinal hole or tear and will collect underneath the retina.

Reasons for Holes or Tear may be from

  • Retinal disorders or aging may cause the retina to actually thin. Retinal detachment due to a tear in the retina typically starts when there is a sudden collapse of the vitreous, which then may cause tugging on the retina with enough force to cause a tear.
  • In some inflammatory conditions or other disorders fluid may accumulate beneath the retina without a tear or break.

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