Preparing Your Child for an Eye Exam

  • Doctor Examining Child's Eyes In Doctor's Office

If you’ve determined your child needs an eye exam, you might be worried about whether or not he will be cooperative when you get to the Palm Beach Eye Center Pediatric Ophthalmology Service. How can you make him feel more comfortable before he gets there? Below, you’ll find some tips on how to make the appointment as pain-free as possible:

  1. Practice before you go by making your own vision test. If your child is reading age, you can print off a regular eye exam chart. If your child can’t yet identify letters and numbers, use pictures that would be familiar to him. You might use shapes (circle, square, house outline, apple outline, etc.). You can have the child look through glasses and tell you what the images are. Screen the child from ten feet away. To make it extra fun, use an eye patch to cover one eye at a time and take a “Pirate Eye Exam.”
  2. Take your child to an eye exam with you, so he can see what it’s like. Talk him through the steps. Emphasize that nothing hurts.
  3. Talk to other people he trusts who have been to the eye doctor.
  4. Talk to other kids in his class who have had their eyes examined, especially if they saw the particular Ophthalmologist he is scheduled to see.

We have a child friendly space with children’s toys and an environment to help them to relax.

Even if you’ve taken these steps, there’s still a chance that your child will be resistant to participating. If this is the case, reschedule the appointment to a time that might be more convenient to you.

To schedule an eye exam with Palm Beach Eye Center Pediatric Ophthalmology Service today, please contact us at one of our convenient locations: Lake Worth: (561) 433-5200; Boynton Beach: (561) 734-5056; Delray Beach: (561) 433-5200.