Polarized Lenses and Your Vision

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There are a lot of sunglasses which doctors and fashionistas recommend all year round. However, some fashionable eye glasses lack the protection needed for your eyes. Get the best of both worlds when you choose to wear polarized lenses.

There are a lot of advantages to wearing polarized lenses which put them in a whole league of their own. Polarized lenses effectively block light rays and filter them allowing the wearer to see in a different way.

Polarized lenses reduce glare. During sunny days, have you ever noticed that objects in the distance seem hazy? Have you also noticed how vehicles with a metallic color usually reflect light which is almost blinding?

With polarized lenses, reflections are blocked which significantly reduce the effects of glare. Not only does this allow the wearer to become more comfortable but it can improve safety as roadways and water sources are major culprits of glare and can endanger drivers who may be struggling with their vision. Also, glare increases the chances of a person to develop migraines.

Polarized sunglasses are perfect for water sports. Fishermen, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts always choose polarized sunglasses. This makes them able to see better into the water. Non-polarized glasses simply reflect everything around them and disable one’s ability to look into the water almost completely. With polarized sunglasses, the wearer will be better able to see what’s underneath the surface.

Polarized lenses reduce eyestrain. Glare causes one to squint to see clearer images. This creates discomfort to the eyes and will result into eyestrain. Eye redness, irritation, tiredness and headaches are all signs and symptoms of eyestrain. With polarized lenses, glare is neutralized and eyes feel more comfortable.

Polarized lenses promote better vision. Wearing polarized lenses allows eyes to filter through unnecessary glare and see colors and images like never before. Images appear more clear and crisp with astounding detail.

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