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            Technology is forever changing and constantly evolving in every facet of life.  Eye care technology is no exception.  Over the last decade, new techniques and procedures have gained popularity and are setting the standard for eye care.

            For example, femtosecond laser refractive cataract surgery is a method of surgery that improves on many aspects of the current procedure.  Many steps of cataract surgery are currently performed by hand.  This new methodology utilizes computer-guided lasers, which allow for an increased level of accuracy and precision.  This cataract surgery methodology is also believed to have the potential to help speed up the recovery process after surgery.

            There have also been recent innovations that helped grow advanced technology intraocular lenses, or IOLs.  These are a type of technology designed to correct astigmatism.  The end goal is to potentially reduce a person’s dependency on glasses or contact lenses after surgery for distance vision.  One type of technology IOL, multifocal IOLs, has the potential to reduce a person’s dependency on glasses even if a person required them their whole life.

            Regardless of any type of technology introduced into the world of eye care nothing will be able to replace the irrefutable value of an ophthalmologist’s knowledge.  Palm Beach Eye Center has a team of certified and qualified, general and surgical ophthalmologists that specialize in personalized eye care, like refractive surgery.  There is an unparalleled sense of commitment to compassionate treatment and an unmatched standard of excellence.