Eye Exams

content-eye-examsAt Palm Beach Eye Center, you will be seeing a team of top trained professions, who are focused on taking care of you as a patient first as well as addressing all your eye care needs.

Palm Beach Eye Center is a full service establishment dedicated to all your eye care needs and can do so as we have most all specialists, as a part of the practice.   From cataract, to glaucoma to contact lenses, dry eyes, to low vision, we are expertly trained to treat most all of your needs.

We are able to provide the world’s best designers for eye glass frames to ones requiring a tight budget as well as the most comfortable contact lenses, to thorough comprehensive eye exams, we’ll not only having you looking good but we’ll also have you feeling great.

Our eye exams are thorough and we look for any kind of eye disease or eye problem that might need further treatment.

First things first

Our first priority when you come in to see us is to make sure that we give you a comprehensive
eye exam.

That includes:

  • Dilating your eyes, when needed
  • Looking at the back of your eye including the retina, macula and optic nerves
  • Checking for glaucoma on every patient
  • Checking for cataracts
  • Checking for most all eye diseases.

We look for disease that you presently have, but also for tendencies you might have for the future, so if nothing else, when you leave you know how healthy your eyes are and if there are things you need to be concerned about.