Clear Lens Extraction

Clear lens extraction is a type of corrective vision surgery that can eliminate the need for contact lenses or glasses. This surgery is also known as Presbyopic Correcting IOL Exchange or Refractive Lens Exchange. It involves the removal and replacement of the original lens with an artificial lens. This type of surgery is commonly performed on people who want LASIK, but are over forty years of age. Patients who undergo clear lens extraction enjoy a very high probability of success, improved vision quality, and a short recovery period.

Who Is A Candidate For Clear Lens Extraction?

Those who have the following conditions may be a candidate for Clear Lens Extraction:

  • Farsightedness: This vision problem occurs when the eye is shorter than a typical eye. It results in an inability to see close objects clearly. When farsighted individuals become older, their ability to see thing farther away typically decreases as well.
  • Nearsightedness: Also known as myopia, nearsighted individuals cannot clearly see objects that are far away, because the light that enters the eye does not focus on the retina properly.
  • Presbyopia: As an individual ages, the lens loses its ability to change shape in order to focus on objects as they move. Presbyopia, loss of the ability to focus on objects moving closer, is the result of this aging of the lens.

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Source: UCLA Laser Refractive Center