Laser Vision / Refractive Surgery

content-laserImagine waking up and being able to see the clock without having to fumble for your glasses. How enjoyable would it be to play golf or tennis without glasses sliding down your face? What a treat to be able to see clearly while you are swimming without glasses or contact lenses! All this is possible with laser vision correction.

How can Laser Vision Correction help?

The doctors at Palm Beach Eye Center are experts in using lasers to sculpt the cornea, resulting in improved or unaided vision, which can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Laser vision correction (refractive) procedures typically cause minimal discomfort and take only minutes. The entire outpatient appointment usually lasts about one hour.

Is Laser Vision Correction right for you?

Laser vision correction can affect the way you see for the rest of your life. You should make your decision carefully, not quickly. After a comprehensive evaluation, the experts at Palm Beach Eye Center will be able to determine if you are a viable candidate or not. We can even schedule a complimentary laser vision correction screening to determine if you are a candidate for this type of outpatient procedure. There is no commitment and nothing to lose so call today to arrange your complimentary screening.