New Visions in Contact Lenses

  • woman inserting a contact lens

It is not only within the realm of glasses that the technology of lens manufacture is advancing. Contact lenses are also undergoing continuous development, and the companies that produce them are regularly releasing new lenses to market. These newer contacts provide improved comfort and reduce the risks to the eyes that had plagued contact lenses in the past.

CooperVision recently announced a new line of disposable lenses, the MyDay daily disposable lenses. Made of a unique material called Smart Silicone, the MyDay lenses increase the flow of oxygen to the cornea reducing the effects of prolonged lens ware. The new material also has a high wettability, they retain liquid well, which improves overall softness of the lens.

Alcon has also released a new daily disposable lens called Dailies Total 1. These are the first water gradient lenses to market. The material that these lenses are made from, a silicone hydrogel called delefilcon A, contains different water levels depending on the location within the lens. The core contains 33 percent water but gradually transitions to 80 percent water content at the surface of the lens. This produces a very soft and comfortable lens that 9 out of 10 wearers surveyed said they could not even feel.

This is just a small sample of the new innovations that contact lens manufacturers around the world are announcing every day. The technology of the contact lens, the materials used, the capabilities of the lens, and the level of safety and comfort, are continuously improving.

If you have been on the fence about contact lenses and are not sure if you are ready to take the plunge, your eye care professional at Palm Beach Eye Center can answer any questions you have about the many types of lenses available and whether any of them are right for you. Contacts are better then they have ever been. Perhaps, now is the time to experience life free of frames.