How to protect your eyes from damage caused by living in a hi tech world

  • strained eyes from using computer

The New York Times reported that a person spends, on average, about 8 hours each day staring at some sort of screen.  TV screens, cellphone screens, computer screens, tablet screens, and the list goes on.

A recent report created by Dominich Anderson uncovered the best ways a person can protect their eyes from, seemingly, inevitable damage.

Some of these tips are fairly obvious.  For example, take a break every now and again and walk away from the screen!  The study states that a user should move their eyes around regularly, and blink often in order to create tears to keep the eyes moist.  Dry eyes is becoming more prominent among the younger generation because of the amount of time spent on their computers and cellphones.  If a user is experiencing dry eyes, they can use re-wetting drops and drink lots of water to help the issue. Palm Beach Eye Center specializes in dry eye syndrome and can help you with a solution.

Some of the tips noted in the study are not so obvious.  For example, it is suggested that a user place their computer on a lower table so that the eyes look down when they’re working.  Additionally the distance between the eyes and a screen should always be between 55 to 70 centimeters and 11 to 20 centimeters lower than their eyesight.  A little known fact about most computers is that there is an option that lets you view pages with text on a black background inverting the usual colors.  Instead of black text on a white background, the background becomes black and the text becomes white.  Many ophthalmologists believe that this is easier on the eyes.

Users should view screens in a controlled lighting setting with shades and drapes to control any glare that might be created.  Screen brightness should be the same as the brightness of other objects in the room.

It is also suggest that certain food can prevent eye injury or cataracts.  The best sources of food for sight include fish like sardines, salmon, trout, herring and arctic char.  Antioxidants found in foods like blueberries help reduce eye degeneration and vitamin A helps improve and promote eye health.

The best way to make sure that your eyes are in perfect health is to get routine comprehensive eye exams like the ones offered at Palm Beach Eye Center.  To make your appointment, or for a second opinion click here.