Glaucoma does not just effect the elderly

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There is a huge disconnect for most of us when we think of our eyes and their overall health. For the majority of us we tend to think that only the elderly population will have issues and problems with glaucoma. This isn’t the case as a recent report from Loyola University Health System has proved otherwise.

The report shows that glaucoma can be found in people of any age. There is a case that even a new born baby only six weeks old that has glaucoma. Yes as hard as it is to believe glaucoma can be found in babies as well as people of any age group.

This particular discovery only reinforces the importance of an annual eye exam. If detected early enough in most people with glaucoma can be treated and keep it under control. With the trained staff of your local Palm Beach Eye Center you will be in the right hands for care and professional advice. Call and schedule an eye exam today.