Fighting Eye Fatigue

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Have you ever worked non-stop in front of a computer screen then have tired, itching and burning eyes? Then you might be experiencing eye fatigue.

Eye fatigue is a common experience for people who constantly perform eye-intensive activities for extended periods of time such as reading, writing, driving and using digital devices such as computer screens, smartphones and videogames. Bright lights and straining to see in dim light can also lead to eye fatigue.

It’s quite common among people and this condition can be quite annoying and symptoms include eye soreness, difficulty focusing, dry or watery eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and pain that radiates to the neck, shoulders and back. Although these symptoms are not fatal, they can still decrease your productivity and could become more intense when you’re deprived of sleep.

Eye fatigue can be prevented by making the necessary adjustments in your work environment or in your habits. Here are some prevention tips you should know about:

  • When using a smartphone in a dark room, tone down the screen brightness.
  • If you have to face a computer screen for work, place it at least 20 inches away from your eyes and a little below eyebrow level and consider using a glare filter for your screen.
  • Wear eyeglasses with polarized lenses.
  • Make sure you get outdoors to relive your eyes from artificial light.
  • Consider using over the counter eye drops whenever your eyes feel dry.
  • If your eyes start to feel strained, close your eyes and roll your eyes around as far as possible to the right, left, up and down.

But sometimes, eye fatigue could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. If eye fatigue persists despite your simple precautions, see an ophthalmologist. For the best in eye care, visit the Palm Beach Eye Center! Click here to book an appointment.