Eyewear for a Younger You!

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As we grow older, the reality of needing glasses starts to set in. For years, people have equated needing to wear glasses a sign of ageing. However, thanks to the different eyeglass frames which have been designed from different fashion houses, eyeglasses can become our most important accessory as well as give us a more youthful look.

Before you choose which eyeglasses to wear, always consider style, fashion and color. Here are some useful tips to give the illusion of a face lift and keep them guessing about your age whenever you’re wearing eyeglasses:

  • Choose upswept frames. Because of their design, they can visually lift the face and make you look younger.
  • Avoid frames with heavy bottoms or a downward sweep because they tend to focus attention downward. Hence, aviator styles are best left for the young.
  • An extra touch of color on the upper frame or outer corner creates a focal point away from the lines on your face.
  • Accentuate your cheekbones by choosing eyeglass frames which have arms attached at, or toward the top of the frame.
  • Keep in sync with style trends. Sometimes, sticking to a classic style makes you look dated. For example, when small frames are in vogue, wearing ultra-large styles can make you look more mature.
  • Don’t keep just one pair of eyeglasses. Just like shoes, your eyewear should be right for every occasion.
  • Compliment your personal skin tone by choosing frames that repeat your softer skin, hair or eye colors. Rimless glasses can also work just as well.
  • Avoid dull or heavy colors as they pull the face downward. Instead of choosing black, opt for deep brown or burgundy as these colors can make you look younger.

Wearing the right eyeglasses can create a big impact on how you see and how you are seen. For the right eyewear to make you look younger, chic and timeless, head to the Palm Beach Eye Center and view our selection of designer eyeglasses! Click here to find a location near you!