Eyeglasses: A Must-Have Accessory

  • women03

Everyone’s idea about eyeglasses changed over the years. When you were younger, you probably dreaded having to wear them and over time, when you became a young professional, you realized almost everyone in the office wears it as a stylish accessory.

New designs have only made them more comfortable.  More styles are even possible for those who need strong prescription glasses. They make you see better and they also help you look better!

While there are now corrective procedures to avoid wearing glasses, there are still people who view wearing glasses as a chance to sport the hottest fashion accessory and because of this, more and more retailers are marketing to people who want the latest styles.

There are a lot of styles today and just about anyone can choose which glasses would best complement their eyes, face and lifestyle. Many major apparel and clothing designers are also expressing themselves with designer eyeglass frames. People weren’t enthusiastic about wearing eyeglasses before but now, it’s a must-have! Geek-chic is still in and wearing eyeglasses helps you stand out!

But aside from being a fashion accessory, eyeglasses can help you with your eyesight even if you have 20/20 vision. For example, some eyeglasses have lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coating. This AR coating eliminates glare and provides you better vision for night driving and more comfort when reading and using a computer.

There are also eyeglass lenses with anti-fog coating which is perfect if you live or work in cooler locations. This can also be a safety issue because fogging of lenses impedes your ability to see and it can be quite dangerous when you’re driving at night. Anti-fog coating eliminates condensation of moisture that causes fogging whenever you transition from a cold to warm environment such as when you come in from the cold or when you play sports and you’re hot and perspiring.

The days of eyeglasses being uncool are long over! If you want to look your best, feel your best and possibly see better, then head to the Palm Beach Eye Center to see which fashionable eyeglasses they have to match your personal style!