Contacts Lenses

Palm Beach Eye Center has a complete selection on contact lenses. Our eye care specialist will find the type that are right for you. woman's eyes Whether it’s style, comfort or both, today’s lens wear has endless options.

Hard Lenses

Hard contact lenses also called semi-rigid gas permeables (RGBs) and made of plastic-like material , where the first ones made were made of glass. The one that was commonly made and used before were polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

Soft Lenses

Soft contact lenses are by far the most popular and common in today’s market. The comfort and convenience with soft lenses as well as cost make them an obvious choice. With modern technology soft contact lenses can come in almost any type of correction needed by most.

New From Acuvue 1 Day Acuvue define

Acuvues new lens design enhances the color of your eye by darkening the color of the black ring that surrounds your iris.  As we age, this dark ring fade away.  Adding it back gives a more youthful appearance.  To learn more click here


There are many options for today’s contact lens wearer.  To find out more about what is right for you, contact  any Palm Beach Eye Center today and schedule an eye exam and see all the latest in styles and designer brands.