Corneal Erosions

A corneal erosion is usually the result of an injury that damages the outer layer of the cornea. According to the University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center, a corneal erosion or abrasion is often cause by a scrape on the eye and can lead to eye pain.

Symptoms of Corneal Erosion

Pain is the most commonly occurring symptom of a corneal erosion. Other symptoms include: tearing, blurred vision, light sensitivity, and eye redness. These symptoms can be cause by foreign objects coming in contact with the eye, including contact lenses.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Corneal Erosion

A corneal abrasion or erosion is easily detected during a routine eye exam and does not usually require any special testing. The most commonly prescribed treatment for a corneal erosion includes the use of an eye patch on the affected eye. In order to prevent infection, antibiotic drops may be prescribed. Anesthetic drops, although effective at relieving pain, do not help in the healing process. In severe cases, where the erosions are recurring, surgery may be necessary. If treated improperly, infections and corneal ulcers can occur.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, please contact an eye care professional today for an eye exam. Do not risk further injury to the eye by postponing professional medical treatment.

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