Choroidal Nevus

woman's eyesWhat is Choroidal Nevus?

Choroidal Nevus is a spot, freckle, or mole on the surface or inside of the eye. They are fairly common and can be detected during a dilated eye exam.

What to do if You are Affected?

Choroidal nevi are generally harmless, but like a mole on your skin, it is important to keep track of any change in size or shape. The first step in keeping track, is to have photo documentation. If your eye doctor does not suggest a digital photograph, request one. Next, set up an appointment to be re-evaluated in three to six months. The doctor should check the shape and size. If you change doctors, it is important to have your files transferred, so your new doctor will have the photographs to refer back to when testing your choroidal nevus.

Treatment and Complications

Although it is normally harmless and does not require treatment, it may be a symptom of the development of a choroidal melanoma. Some symptoms of choroidal melanoma are orange pigmentation, leaking fluid, or thickness of 2 mm or more.

What are the Symptoms?

Usually there are no symptoms, though in some cases it can leak fluid or relate to the growth of abnormal blood vessels, which can cause a localized retinal detachment or degeneration.

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