Contact Lenses and the Cold Season

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During the cold seasons, the winter air is not as wet as you think. In fact, the winter air is usually drier in any other season causing skin and eyes to dry up. This could be especially harder for those who have to wear contact lenses so you should learn how to pay extra attention to your eye care.

During the cold season, heaters in homes, offices, and cars tend to dry the air and negatively impact the longevity of contact lenses. And because your tear glands have to work double time in order to clean and lubricate your eyes while preventing them from infection, your eye health is also at high risk.

Don’t lose hope! Even if it’s cold, you don’t have to be confined to wearing eyeglasses and putting your contact lenses on a shelf. In order to maintain comfort with your contact lenses, make sure you change them regularly in cold weather. As you swap your contact lenses on time, you will be able to use those ones which could conduct oxygen much better as well as reduce irritation and increase comfort.

You can also visit your local optometrist in South Florida in case you’re having exceptional difficulty with wearing contact lenses during the winter months. You can ask your optometrist to prescribe contact lenses which are more appropriate for dry eyes and can be disposed of more frequently.

Having a humidifier at home can also restore the lost moisture your heater takes out of the air. This can further eliminate symptoms of dry eyes.

These are just some of the basic things you can do to keep your eyes and yourself more comfortable this cold season. If you have a severe case of dry eyes and cannot wear your contact lenses, schedule an appointment with Palm Beach Eye Center to keep your eyes looking good and feeling good.