Choosing the Right Eyeglass Frame

The right eyeglass frame can bring out the best in your features!

You might dread wearing eyeglasses but the right frame can bring out the best in your features! With a highly experienced optometrist, you will not only get eyeglasses to help you see better but look better too! A thorough assessment of your facial features, skin tone and prescription needs can show you which frame style is perfect for you!

Here are the basic steps when getting eyeglasses that help you look your best:

Step 1: Gauge the shape of your face. Your facial shape can fall into any of seven categories: oval, rectangle, triangle, square, diamond, round or pyramid. An oval face is compatible with almost any style of eyeglasses. Rectangular faces require square-shaped eyeglasses with decorative edges, and contrasting temples that add width to your face.

A triangular face needs small round or square eyeglasses with light colors in order to complement you face shape. Square faces with strong jaw lines and wide foreheads need round or oval eyeglasses in order to reduce the angular appearance of square-shaped faces. Diamond-shaped faces require eyeglasses with attention-getting detail on the upper portion of the frames such as cat-eye shapes.

Faces with round shapes need eyeglasses which add angles to their faces by using eyeglasses with narrow, rectangular shapes which are wider than they are deep. And finally, pyramid faces require top-heavy frames with attention-getting details above the lenses.

Step 2: Don’t just base your frame color on your preference. Always consider if you have cool, warm or an olive skin tone. It’s best to choose eyeglasses not just on your personal taste but on your skin tone as well.

Step 3: Determine how much you’ll depend on your eyeglasses. If you’re only using eyeglasses for reading, it’s not necessary to invest a lot of money in them. If you’re going to need them every day, then invest in durable ones which can keep up with your lifestyle.

Step 4: Find the best material that suits your skin. Generally, eyeglasses are made of either plastic or metal. Plastic frames are lightweight and understandably more cost-effective. Though they’re not as durable as metal glasses, modern plastics last longer than those from before. If you’re allergic and concerned about wearing metal eyeglass frames, keep in mind they also come in different hypo-allergenic, durable designs!

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