Blood Flow In The Retina Leads To Breakthrough Discovery

  • Human eye anatomy, retina, optic disc artery and vein etc.

A new research study revealed some very telling details about retinal health including the function of retinal blood vessels and light-detecting cells.

The study used mice as its subject and the details of the results explain new possibilities for understanding the molecular changes that occur in retinal disease. Researchers conducted the study by using a new form of magnetic resonance imaging to take two pictures of the retina – one in the dark and one in the light. The two pictures were then compared and researchers were able to see that the front of the retina behaved much differently from the back. This ultimately suggested that the changes were due to blood flow and the photoreceptor metabolism. The results were then compared to mice that did not have any kind of genetic alterations.

Eye doctors across the nation believe that these kinds of findings will enhance and speed up the decisions made about treatment in patients with specific diseases of the eye. The new technique allows doctors to see two different aspects of normal vision in a singular image.

There is also no telling what other things researchers will find when they continue the study. Early onset glaucoma or cataracts might be more easily identified and treatment might be administered earlier. If anything, the study is definitely a breakthrough that will be help people of all ages.