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  • Bold Sophistication With Bvlgari

    Designed for people who want to stand out and distinguish themselves from the crowd, Bvlgari has designed eye wear with sleek and exceptional features. Made of nothing but high quality materials, Bvlgari Prescription Glasses and Bvlgari Prescription Sunglasses are created with great attention to detail and with an unmistakable design, which makes them fashion accessories […]

  • Why Should Diabetics Be More Conscious About Their Vision?

    Are you a diabetic? If yes, then you should take more care of your eyes. In the United States alone, 28.5% of diabetics aged 40 years old and above with are diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. Big word… but what does it mean? Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes which affects the eyes. The blood […]

  • Choosing the Right Eyeglass Frame

    You might dread wearing eyeglasses but the right frame can bring out the best in your features! With a highly experienced optometrist, you will not only get eyeglasses to help you see better but look better too! A thorough assessment of your facial features, skin tone and prescription needs can show you which frame style […]

  • Getting Dry-Eyed?


    Do your eyes feel uncomfortable and you always feel like you have something in them? Do you have increased eye irritation from smoke or wind? Do your eyes feel fatigue? Are your eyes sensitive to light? They you might be suffering from dry eyes! Dry eyes happen when your tears are not able to provide […]

  • Eyeglasses: A Must-Have Accessory


    Everyone’s idea about eyeglasses changed over the years. When you were younger, you probably dreaded having to wear them and over time, when you became a young professional, you realized almost everyone in the office wears it as a stylish accessory. New designs have only made them more comfortable.  More styles are even possible for […]

  • Polarized Lenses and Your Vision


    There are a lot of sunglasses which doctors and fashionistas recommend all year round. However, some fashionable eye glasses lack the protection needed for your eyes. Get the best of both worlds when you choose to wear polarized lenses. There are a lot of advantages to wearing polarized lenses which put them in a whole […]

  • Seeing Spots?

    Have you ever seen floating spots within your field of vision? They don’t have to be spots. They can also appear as straight or curved lines, strings, branched, or irregularly-shaped blobs. If you have been seeing them, then you may have eye floaters. Normally, light which is absorbed by the eye passes through a jellylike […]

  • Yellow?


    You don’t see what you think you see. What do you see in this image? If you said yellow, you’re mistaken. What you’re actually seeing isn’t yellow, not really, it’s red and green. You see, the monitor you’re looking at can only make red, blue, and green light. Now, look around the room. Do you […]

  • What is Ocular Myokymia?


    Ocular myokymia is the formal name for eyelid spasms or twitching. This is a very common condition that will often arise and pass quickly, though it can last for much longer, sometimes weeks or even months. Though it can be troubling to experience, ocular myokymia is usually a benign condition and is rarely indicative of […]

  • Are You Seeing Double?


    Have you ever seen double? Many of us have at one time or another. Perhaps you were suddenly jolted awake and you’re still half asleep, or maybe you had just a bit too much fun with your friends that night. It really puts into perspective just how amazing our sense of vision is, if all […]