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  • What Are Gas Permeable Lenses?

    If you’ve had contacts for a while, you know that sometimes it takes a while to find a type of lens that fits comfortably in your eye. Most recently, eye doctors have turned to soft lenses for comfortability, especially for patients with eye allergies. There’s a different alternative, however, called gas permeable lenses or oxygen […]

  • Swimming and Eye Care

    We’ve all been there: you go to the pool, have a great time, and then come home with red, irritated eyes. An imperfect pH level is responsible for the redness. Without a proper pH level, the chlorine can’t do its job to clean the pool and the water, leaving other toxins and bacteria to be […]

  • Top Eyewear Brands


    Sunglasses are not just for protecting the eyes anymore. Now, they’ve become trendy fashion accessories which can make or break an entire look hence the fashionable people always fuss about getting the right sunglasses to complete their outfit.  If you’re not exactly an eyewear connoisseur here are the top brands  that provide high quality and […]

  • Kids Need Eye Care Too!


    For most parents, thinking about child eye care isn’t a top priority unless their child has put something in her eye or has an eye infection. Too often, parents wait for teachers to point out vision-related problems. Despite what many people think, infants and toddlers can be checked for vision problems through dilation. Don’t leave […]

  • What Are Migraines?


    Some people are debilitated by migraines. It forces them to stay in bed, to avoid certain settings, to miss work. It changes a person’s life. With so many remedies touted on the market, it’s important to examine all the possibilities and causes. At Palm Beach Eye Center we can help you with Migraines. Migraine Migraines […]

  • Preparing Your Child for an Eye Exam


    If you’ve determined your child needs an eye exam, you might be worried about whether or not he will be cooperative when you get to the Palm Beach Eye Center Pediatric Ophthalmology Service. How can you make him feel more comfortable before he gets there? Below, you’ll find some tips on how to make the […]

  • Fighting Eye Fatigue


    Have you ever worked non-stop in front of a computer screen then have tired, itching and burning eyes? Then you might be experiencing eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is a common experience for people who constantly perform eye-intensive activities for extended periods of time such as reading, writing, driving and using digital devices such as computer […]

  • Protecting Your Eyes from Uveitis


    With uveitis causing around 10% of new blindness cases in the United States, it’s important to understand what it is and how Palm Beach Eye Center can help you. It’s the fourth leading cause of blindness, and it can be caused by long-term inflammation in different parts of the eye. In up to 50% of […]

  • Myopia 101

    Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is one of the most common eye conditions affecting Americas. In fact, in a recent study by the National Eye Institute, 41.6 percent of people in the U.S. age 12 to 54 suffer from this eye condition. A person becomes myopic when their eyeball is too long. This causes the […]

  • Eyewear for a Younger You!


    As we grow older, the reality of needing glasses starts to set in. For years, people have equated needing to wear glasses a sign of ageing. However, thanks to the different eyeglass frames which have been designed from different fashion houses, eyeglasses can become our most important accessory as well as give us a more […]