Are You Seeing Double?

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Have you ever seen double? Many of us have at one time or another. Perhaps you were suddenly jolted awake and you’re still half asleep, or maybe you had just a bit too much fun with your friends that night. It really puts into perspective just how amazing our sense of vision is, if all of a myriad of things don’t work just right, then nothing works right.

The above examples aren’t too bad: once you wake up and clear your head everything goes back to normal, but double vision- also called diplopia- can be a serious symptom.

Setting aside for a moment potential issues with the brain’s visual center, there are a number of possible causes within the eye itself.

The issue may begin in the cornea, though in these cases it affects only the eye with the condition (covering the eye restores normal sight). Common issues that may cause this form of double vision are infection, scaring, and even excessive dryness.

Sometimes the issue is with the lens. The most common lens problems involve cataracts, which may effect both eyes, causing double vision in both. The doctors here at Palm Beach Eye Center have a great deal of knowledge and experience in treating cataracts, and a minor surgery is often sufficient to permanently correct the problem.

Another potential cause is a weakening of the muscle in one eye. The affected eye cannot keep up with the healthy eye causing the diplopia. This is often caused by illnesses that attack muscles and nerves of the head and neck.

With so many potentially serious causes for diplopia, it is very important to find the reason as soon as possible. The doctors at Palm Beach Eye Center have multiple methods in diagnosing the cause of double vision and finding a treatment. If you have been experiencing issues with double vision, it is best to act quickly. Contact your eye care professional as soon as possible to schedule an exam.