Acuvue launches new Contact Lenses in the USA

  • New ACUVE' 1-DAY define

There’s a new contact lenses hitting the US market that have already been out in other parts of the world. This unique new lens has been a breakthrough and considered to be quite revolutionary. With the launch of Acuvue Define Brand Contact Lenses with LACREON technology by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care brings a new level of eye enhancement contact lenses.

We all have what is called a limbal ring around our iris and its pattern is unique in everyone of us. This is the dark black ring that outlines the iris of the eye. You may have never even noticed this but take a look in the mirror, and it’s really quite obvious especially if your younger. It’s one of the reasons a baby’s bright blue eyes look, well, so bright blue. As you age, this subtle eye color enhancement fands.  The desired affect usually would be a bright limbal ring as it is considered to be more youthful and overall attractive. With aging the limbal ring becomes less visible and other factors such as glaucoma may be an issue.

Acuvue’s latest breakthrough is a whole new way of bringing back color and brightness around the iris. With the launch of this new product in the United States, Palm Beach Eye Center is proud to be one of the first to have this available to South Florida contact len’s wearers.  Contact your local Palm Beach Eye Center and see if 1-DayAcuvue define is right for you.