4 Questions To Ask Your Eye Doctor

  • Portrait of a mid adult optometrist with female wearing glasses in background

Believe it or not, most doctors, whether they are cardiologists, optometrists, or general practitioners, wish that their patients would ask more questions. Many of us never ask questions of our doctors, something that we should change as it can have a major effect on our health. Whether the questions are simple curiosity, “I’ve heard about this LASIK thing, is it something I should look into?” or from a health concern, “I’ve noticed these little things floating around in my eyes, is that a problem?” it is important to ask any questions you may have.

Here are a few questions that may be a good place to start next time you visit the optometrist:

  1. How can I keep my eyes healthy?
  2. How has my vision changed?
  3. My family has a history of _____ condition. Am I at risk, and is there anything I should look out for just in case?
  4. I’ve been wearing the same type of glasses/contacts for a while now. Is there anything that might work better for me?

It can be intimidating to ask questions, especially when we’re asking someone who knows so much more about something then we do. But asking questions is important; you may even bring something to the attention of the doctor by asking. Asking about your likely risk factors could help you to prevent a condition from ever developing, or to catch one early, when it is far more treatable.

The staff at Palm Beach Eye Center would love to answer any questions you may have, about your eyes or your eye wear. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or stop in at any of our convenient locations.