2015 Eyewear Trends

As in every other area of the fashion world, eyewear sees seasonal trends too. No pun intended. This year, eyewear is taking a turn for the retro.

According to fashion experts from New York, Paris and Milan, there are a few fun trends to keep your eyes open for.

ROUNDED FRAMES: Curvy, bubbly shaped frames are back. These are frames that will look very reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’

STUDDED AND EMBELLISHED: Taking a page from British punk rock, studs and embellishments are at the forefront of the eyeglass world. Whether it’s paying homage to Axl Rose with silver studs, or looking to Edith Piaf for inspiration with an ornate Swarovski design, this trend is show stopping.

STATEMENT FRAMES: Think out of the ordinary designs, bold shapes and extreme attention to detail. These frames can make an entire outfit come to life.

NATURAL LUXE: This trend is elegant and sophisticated. Designers are using high-end, natural materials like horn, leather and wood.   This is a throwback to traditional eyewear like aviators and wayfarers.

MIRRORED AND COLORED LENSES: Silver, gold, pink and blue…Lenses these days are coming in every color. This year will be all about the jewel colors. Vibrant blues, royal purples and vivid reds.